10 Interesting Chocolate Facts

March 10, 2014 1 min read

1. Chocolate can make you happy

Chocolate contains a chemical called serotonin which is a natural anti- dperessant or mood enhancer

2. Chocolate takes a lot of cacao beans

It takes about 400 cocao beans to make about 500g of chocolate

3. Chocolate is most popular in Europe

Europeans eat more chocolate than anyone else in the world.

4. Chocolate contains anti-oxidants

Researchers have found that there is potential for chocolate to offer a number of health benefits. Really dark chocolate is the only beneficiary of such a claim

5. Chocolate was once used as money

The Mayans (thought to have invented chocolate) used cocoa beans as currency. It is thought that the Aztecs went on to also use cocoa for trading.

6. Chocolate used on postage stamps

in 2013 Belgium's Post Office launched a limited edition postage stamp series that smelt and tasted like chocolate. The varnish on the stamps apparently contained 40% of a cocoa product.

7. Chocolate as fuel

Scientists have powered a car with chocolate used to feed bacteria which in turn produced hydrogen as fuel

8. Chocolate by the equator

75% of the worlds cocao trees grow just 8 degrees from the equator

9. Chocolate is a complex chemistry of flavour and aroma

The cocoa bean naturally contains 300 flavours and 400 aromas

10. Chocolate chip cookie first

The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield





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