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14 February 2016

The Brownie Love On Everyone’s Lips

Falling in love is an amazing thing. Imagine if that feeling could be captured, contained and enjoyed at will. By all accounts, at Dello Mano it has.

 Deborah and Mr. Brownie (Bien Peralta)

Deborah and Mr. Brownie - Bien Peralta

Australia’s renown maker of luxury handmade brownieshas a love story all its own.

And this year celebrates the 10th anniversary the sweet affair began. Yet it wasn’t love at first sight for its founders, Bien and Deborah Peralta.

Dello Mano Brownies pioneered the brownie market with the Classic Luxury Belgian Chocolate Brownie

 Decades ago, they first met as colleagues while working in sales and marketing at an international chocolatier. A series of chance encounters brought them together socially and eventually a friendship grew. Then a fateful drive along an ocean road out to the home of a mutual friend changed their lives. After realising that neither of them had brought along the address, their trip turned into an adventure that gave fresh eyes to their relationship and marked the beginning of their romantic journey.

In time Bien and Deborah married and moved to Sydney. With both of them working for major multi-national food brands, their careers flourished, while Deborah continued to hold close to her heart a childhood dream of owning her own food business.

 Passion, perseverance and risking all for love.

Savoring a bit of la dolce vita, ‘the sweet life’ on a trip to Rome, the couple was smitten by the seductive beauty of the way the food was prepared and served at a local pasticceria. It was the simple pleasure of a meal made as a true expression of art and offered as a gift, simply and elegantly, that captivated them. On returning home to Australia, they couldn’t imagine life without creating the food they love.

 Campo Dei Fiori Rome - Pasticceria

Campo dei Fiori - Rome Pasticceria 

Longing to translate their Italian experience into something tangible and equally gratifying for their fellow Australians, Bien and Deborah harnessed their knowledge, know-how and creative abilities. They crafted vision boards that foretold their future, intentionally becoming the architects of their dreams. They continued working, had two children and eventually let go of their day jobs to fully pursue their passion.

Deborah’s training as a food scientist and experience with chocolate led her in the direction of a basically untapped market in Australia -- the long-forgotten brownie.

From the moment she and Bien agreed, they knew what was in their hearts. They had found the food that would become their passion and Dello Manowas born.

The literal Italian translation of Dello Mano is of the hand-- symbolic of the couple’s intent to create beautifully hand-crafted food delivered with care and love, first inspired by the small pasticceria in Rome. The not-so-literal translation speaks to the magic, creativity and humanity that is inherent in preparing food by their own hands, using recipes that emphasize delicate flavours and exquisite ingredients.

Happiness inhabits every morsel.

Having relocated to Brisbane where Bien grew up, the Peraltas began their operations in a shared kitchen and selling their luxury handmade brownies at the farmer’s markets. The brownies were packaged in a simple yet elegant brown and cream box and tied with a brown ribbon -- poetically, to seal in the magic.

From these humble beginnings, they worked tirelessly, putting their hearts and souls into creating brownies that would satisfy the most discerning chocolate palettes. And although handmade lovingly maybe their mantra, the Peraltas knew their goal of making the best brownies would only be realised if they were prepared by a very special breed -- those who were genuine in their intent, happy and creatively free. That meant employing only those with both the skills and heart for their business to ensure that there’s passion in every bite.

Today, their founding vision is still central to their success. While like many love stories, theirs has had its ups and downs. Specifically, the heartbreaking loss of most of their stock in a devastating flood in 2011. But the Peraltas were quick to recover, opening both a commercial kitchen and retail store, which now includes a cozy cafetucked in the heart of the food district in the quaint village of Teneriffe. 

Dello Mano Brownie Cafe situated in Teneriffe Brisbane. Buy brownies here 7 days per week

 Having grown both their corporate and retail businesses, Dello Mano’sfamous luxury brownies now share counter space with a wide assortment of cookies and cakes for all occasions and many other chocolate delicacies.

What does passion taste like?

Delicious! Grab a cozy spot to enjoy a cappuccino and a sure bite of bliss at the cafe, take a treat to go at the retail storeor order on line directly from their website.Dello Mano -- literally on the lips of world leaders, dignitaries, luminaries and Australians alike -- ships globally to your door so now everyone can taste the love.

Their one known ‘secret’ ingredient is Bien and Deborah’s continued passion for their homemade products. It’s now a family affair shared by their two daughters who travel the world with them, sampling pastries and touring chocolate plants, all in the interest of finding the absolute best ingredients. Deborah has even journeyed to Ghana, to visit the Cocoa Plantations, meeting with African farmers and their families.

Cocoa Pods on Plantation Africa

As writers often say, they write because they have to. So it is true for anyone who lives their passion. The Peraltas devotion to making beautiful food handcrafted by real people with deliberate attention to detail makes a difference -- to them and to all the lives they touch.

For to experience Dello Mano is to be touched by love from the heart.


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