Ever wondered what sets artisinal brownies apart - here's your guide to help buy brownies 

 We pioneered the Australian brownie revolution back in 2006. Our fascination and commitment to the brownie were the driving force behind us eventually giving up our corporate day jobs and travelling the road to Dello Mano Browntown. We'd both worked in a Chocolate factory, and felt so strongly that, the then forgotten brownie could be significantly improved with some real chocolate and lots of tender loving care. As a result we created the handmade, artisinal brownie.

Artisinal brownies are handmade as a labour of love and not produced on heavy manufacturing equipment. If you feel the urge to buy brownies and you're wondering if it's artisinal, here are some of the important things that set them apart:

  • Quality Ingredients – artisinal luxury brownies are handmade from excellent quality ingredients
  •  Real chocolate – here at Dello Mano we believe brownies made with real chocolate and not cocoa are superior. We tested brownie recipes for 18 months before launching Dello Mano and during the process assessed all types of chocolate. We settled on a Belgian Chocolate Brownie as we believed it to deliver the best flavour profile.
  • Egg quality- the quality of eggs in the crafting of brownies is an essential consideration. We have, from the beginning sourced our free range eggs directly from the farmer. That is, our eggs are delivered directly from the farm to our kitchen.
  • Fresh Dairy – artisinal brownies are made with the freshest of dairy produce - fresh butter, cream and sometimes milk are used in the process.
  • Prime Quality Nuts & Fruits – brownies are a great companion to nuts. Look for generous nut additions and also look for a range of nut brownies like pistachios, macadamia and the traditional walnut brownie. 
  • No preservatives or additives –both should definitely be exempt from the brownie recipe.
  • Quality Flavours– a creative brownie crafter will use only real ingredients to develop the brownie flavour. 
  • The Brownie Recipe – a great brownie recipe is essential to develop both flavour and texture of the brownie
  • Refrigeration – an artisinal brownie will contain real butter and will best be kept refrigerated. 
  • Small Portion Sizes – as they say in the classics, the best things come in small packages. A full flavoursome recipe will be delciously rich and so a small portion of brownie perfect!

To help you buy brownies, we've prepared a users guide to explain  what sets artisinal brownies apart

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