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Dello Mano Christmas Food Gifts

We understand that Food gifts for Christmas and the holidays are great for anywhere in the world. We can organise delivery to most cities around the world and that way your friends and family can enjoy the unique Dello Mano Australian deliciousness.

Our brownie Christmas gifts and gourmet food gifts have travelled the world many times over, however if you're looking to send other potential perishable products in your shipment then it is best if you contact us on the numbers below so that we can chat and assist. 

You can order your Christmas brownie or food gifts online and organise delivery through the payment portal. There is a standard international delivery fee for package weights below 1kg. Larger orders of shipments can be arranged by calling us. 

All of our shipments are sent internationally by air freight so that we can help protect integrity of the product at the other end.  It makes sense if you're thinking about ordering your food gifts,  to do so sooner rather than later - that way, we'll have your order and the kitchen can prepare in advance.

For questions or enquiries:

T: 1300 661 682

E: sales@dellomano.com.au

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