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Dello Mano tailor make Wedding Cakes to your full specification. We understand that every bride and groom have their own wedding and wedding cake dreams so we work with you to create your celebration cake. We meet with you individually to discuss your plans, look at your wedding swatch book and talk over the day, your flavour preferences, your venue meal menu and whether or not you intend for the wedding cake to be your dessert or rather an end of event treat. Whatever you dream for your wedding cake we are here and waiting to discuss it with you. Call Bien on 0498 002 468 to discuss your wedding cake dream. 

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At Dello Mano, we have had the pleasure of being part of the special days of couples around Australia and the world. If you are planning a wedding, anniversary, or renewal of vows, we'd love to be invited. We offer custom-made wedding cakes, both traditional and brownie-based, and scrumptious guest favours. Our eleven years of experience as premium bakers ensure that the entire process from consultation to delivery will run as smoothly as the best Belgian chocolate.

Historically, wedding cake has been a perfunctory affair; more a showy centrepiece for a ceremony than a delicious treat. We've all encountered the infamous kitchen-sponge cake crusted with cardboard frosting. No couple deserves such a travesty at the head of their nuptial table. Your cake should be as packed full of love as your relationship, as breathtakingly romantic as your wedding day, and — of course — absolutely delicious. Dello Mano cakes are a perfect choice. Our beautiful cakes prove that style and substance need not be mutually exclusive. We offer creative renditions of wedding cakes in flavours such as Raspberry & Passionfruitand Red Velvet, decorated according to your personal tastes. We can match any wedding aesthetic from casual bohemian to high glamour.

Dello Mano Wedding Cake 2 tier with gold gilt base and fresh flower spray

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Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Wedding Cake

If you'd prefer a more unusual alternative to the traditional wedding cake, we suggest our monumental Brownie Cake. This magnificent confection consists of three tiers of our square brownies crowned with a sweetly romantic, rose-bedecked topper also made of brownie. Just like our classic brownies, Dello Mano Brownie Cakes are made with all the best ingredients, including farm-fresh eggs, real Australian butter, and rich, dark Belgian chocolate. We remove the mess and hassle of slicing a frosting-slicked traditional cake by pre-cutting the brownies into tidy single-serve pieces.

Many couples choose to serve the three tiers of brownies to their guests and save the topper for later. This topper is ideal for the popular tradition of freezing the top tier of the wedding cake until your first anniversary; our brownies are peerlessly freezable. Of course, that requires resisting the powerful pull of Dello Mano brownies for an entire year. If you prefer not to have to expend so much patience during your first month of marriage, we suggest taking the more feasible route of enjoying the topper during your honeymoon. One couple told us the sweet story of their Dello Mano-flavoured honeymoon along the banks of the Margaret River, a picturesque region of Western Australia brimming with amazing food and wine. The couple dined at fine restaurants for every meal, but returned home in the evenings to share their wedding brownie in the privacy of their room. Even surrounded by the bounty of the Margaret River, they couldn't find a better — or more meaningful — dessert.

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Brownie Wedding Favours

The guests also deserve to bring home something special, so we offer special wedding-favour versions of our full range of brownie flavours. Each brownie comes tidily packaged in a tiny white box (which bears more than a passing resemblance to a box that might hold an engagement ring). Around each box, we hand-tie a sheer ribbon in the colour that best matches your aesthetic. We can also package the favours match our brownies' foil wrappers to your colour scheme. This secure packaging travels well, which is ideal for destination weddings or those with a far-flung guest list. Dello Mano wedding favours have traversed the world to reach celebrations at all corners of the globe, from South Africa to Paris. Most recently, an English bride who encountered Dello Mano in Australia requested that her bridesmaid carry our brownies all the way to her London wedding. All through her years in Australia, she planned to include Dello Mano in her wedding; a short expanse of ocean wasn't about to change her plans.

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 If you'd like to learn how you can include Dello Mano in your own special day, please call or email us for a quote. We're looking forward to making lasting, delicious memories with you.

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 Call 1300 661 682 to arrange for a Wedding Cake consultation or call Bien 0498 002 468 or simply drop into either one of our stores in Brisbane CBD at the Tattersalls Arcade or at New Farm MerthyrVillage to arrange a consultation. 

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