Gingerbread People

Dello Mano Handmade Gingerbread People: A Delightful Tradition

Indulge in the timeless pleasure of our Gingerbread People – choose from Gingerbread Men (Boys) or Women (Girls). These delightful figures, created with love and precision, are a celebration of genuine craftsmanship. Our gingerbread is baked to perfection – not too hard, not too soft, just as a gingerbread person should be.

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    Crafted with Care: For over a decade, our small family business, Dello Mano, has dedicated itself to the art of crafting beautiful handmade food. We pour our heart and soul into each creation, ensuring that every Gingerbread Man and Woman is a piece of edible art.

    Elegance in Every Bite: Our Christmas Gingerbread People (Gingerbread Men and Women) are individually handmade and adorned with artistry, making each one truly unique.

    Packed with Precision: Each Gingerbread person is individually wrapped in high-quality protective packaging, assuring their freshness and perfection. The finishing touch is a hand-tied bow, adding a touch of sophistication to these delightful creations.

    Perfect Stocking Fillers: These Gingerbread People also make for delightful stocking fillers, adding a touch of charm to your holiday traditions.

    A Wonderful Add-On: Consider adding these gingerbread treasures as a special little something to your order, enhancing your festive celebration with elegance and taste.

    The Perfect Christmas Gift: Start your holiday season with the gift of tradition. Our Gingerbread People are the perfect treat for everyone, a wonderful culinary gift for both children and adults. Please note that the decoration of these delightful characters will vary, guided by the creative spirit of our talented team.

    Celebrate the holiday season with the elegance and tradition of Dello Mano's Handmade Gingerbread People. Order today to savour the magic of exceptional taste, craftsmanship, and the essence of our small family business.

    Secure your taste of tradition. Act now, our handmade creations have limited availability.

    Some Notes:

    Packaging and Dimensions:Each Gingerbread person stands elegantly at 13cm tall, individually packed in a cello bag.

    Props Not Included: Please be aware that any photographic props, such as cake stands or decorations, are not included.

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