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The much loved and inspiring Dello Mano store on the corner of Doggett and Chester St. in Teneriffe will finally close its' doors at the end of trading on Valentines Day 2017.

The store first established in 2011, has inspired a chain of Teneriffe cake bakeries and cafes to settle in around the beautiful corner store. "When we first settled here there was nothing around us at all. We were the only cafe back then" said Bien Peralta co- founder of the Brownie pioneering company Dello Mano.

 Dello Mano Teneriffe Store

Dello Mano Teneriffe Store

We first moved to the Teneriffe site off the back of the 2011 Brisbane Floods. We had been located on Breakfast Creek wharf and the floods left us without stock and no where to produce our Brownies. We looked around with the view to move and settled on what was a fairly boring old corner. A warehouse of a fairly inconspicuous style and presentation was the beginning and it wasnt long before we'd had the idea to insert old style red doors" said Bien. Inspired by a Parisian  Florist shop that had left its mark on Deborah, she set out to purchase and plant the beautiful creeper on both sides of the store entrance. The doors and creeper fast becoming a well known land mark for the Teneriffe area.

Dello Mano Teneriffe Store Opening 2011

Dello Mano Teneriffe Store Opening 2011

"It has been a great journey at Teneriffe. Our kids were in primary school and have virually grown up here at the Teneriffe store. We're sad to finish up here with so many memories and locals as friends but entirely excited to be heading down to Merthyr Village with a new and exciting store. Besides it is not that far away and with ample parking we really hope to continue on our relationship with so many of our customers " said Bien. 

Dello Mano Teneriffe Store Interior

Dello Mano closes the beloved red doors finally on Tuesday 14th February, this Valentines Day 2017.

The new Dello Mano store will open in March at the newly refurbished Merthyr Village.

Any questions about the new store can be sent through directly to kitchen@dellomano.com.au or call 1300 661 682

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