January 22, 2022 1 min read

On a wet rainy Brisbane day what better to do than bake.

Diary 22 Jan 22

The rain is always great for baking. Today at home we're making a delicious  tart of caramel and chocolate custard. Not something we make at Dello Manobut rather something for the fun of it.

The short crust pastry (if you are looking for a short crust pastry recipe I found a good one here ) made and laid into a square tart baking tin. Next it was blind baked - always an important step for any tart. We use rice to blind bake but there are lots of options including baking beads ( which we do have but could not find :( ).

Blind baking a pastry case with rice

After baking the crust and letting it cool. We made a firm caramel and smothered it onto the pastry custard. Then using a double boiler style we made a chocolate custard  to pour on top of the caramel.  

Making a chocolate custard use a double boiler

The result a delicious double layered treat!

A chocolate custard and caramel tart

Great with a coffee at what has been a very long week.

Covid continues to impact our business. Hoping with the return of our full team next week we can be back on track and working toward a future post covid. 


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