March 26, 2020 2 min read

New Dello Mano Share the Care Collection

Dello Mano Share the Care Brownie and Cake range

At this moment in time so many countries around the world are dealing with the COVID -19 virus. Many of us are now on social distancing strategies if not isolated quarantine. With this in mind, Dello Mano has launched a "Share the Care" product range designed especially for people to send love and care to friends, family or colleagues. With families being asked to keep to just households we've made the treats smaller and used some of our most robust products such that these items can be kept in the fridge for many days. With long shelf lives, the Dello Mano Share the Care treat line can be enjoyed in most cases for many days so long as they are refrigerated. 

Dello Mano Share the Care Cake Delivery - Orange

Included in the Dello Mano Share the Care range is a delicious Orange Almond Cakecomplete with a "sending love" handwritten plaque, a scrumptious chocolate mud cake, a mouth-watering original Classic Luxury Brownie Heart and some hampers. All of the Dello Mano range is handmade in small batches so each offers all the care and love that goes into hand making food. 

The Share the Care Luxury Brownie Heart

The Dello Mano Share the Care range is right for food gift delivery Brisbane and some of the products will travel across Australia. If you have any questions then please just call a Bien and he will answer your questions, make suggestions and organise anything specific to suit your needs - call 0498002468 and he'd be happy to help.

Of course, any of the Dello Mano products are about Sharing the Care - is handmade using only the best ingredients a certain X factor is in every product.

Dello Mano Chocolate Cake Delivery Brisbane

Dello Mano pioneered the Australian Brownie Market and invented the Luxury Brownie Gift Box in 2006. A year later, Dello Mano innovated with the Luxury Brownie Heart and has been handcrafting them for special events ever since. Original and innovative, Dello Mano continues to lead the way with Brownies, Cakes and other handmade delicious products. 

Dello Mano has two stores one at Merthyr Village New Farm ( inside the Village beside the Newsagents) and one at Tattersalls Arcade just off the Queen St. Mall in Brisbane CBD. The range of Dello Mano "Share the Care" products will be carried in-store but feel free to call  Bien and organise some help with him to check first. If you want cake delivery or brownie delivery then you can book online or speak with Bien. 

Bien co-founder Dello Mano Brownies and Cakes

We are more than happy to arrange a curbside pick up is that is preferred ( just call  Bien ). All of our deliveries are Authority to Leave and zero contact with the recipient. 

At this time, we wish you and your family wellness and safety. If we can help you or someone you know to celebrate a special occasion then please call us. 



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