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Brownie delivery since 2006

Phoebe Peralta

Co-creator Dello Mano Brownies

Dello Mano was the first to innovate with brownie delivery. Our family business started by my Mum and Dad back in 2006 was the very first business devoted entirely to Brownies in Australia. We known as the Brownie Pioneersand thinking back we innovated in so many ways. 

Mum had been a researcher for some big corporate food companies and even back then could foresee the very small but eventual trend toward internet shopping and delivery. She studied lots of American catalogs as she set up Dello Mano and way back then set up a website offering brownie delivery. Dello Mano started with the ability to buy brownies onlineand organise brownie delivery Australia wide.


The move was bold back in those days. Australians were not so familiar with or willing to pay for delivery. Let alone, brownie delivery. I mean, the whole concept of a brownie gift box was totally new as Brownies were simply not a thing back then and so the idea of giving brownies as a gift was one new but so so was brownie delivery! 

But persistent we were. We started by offering our service called Brownie delivery Brisbane. In late January 2007 we started at the New Farm Farmers Market allowing Brisbane premium food buyers  to buy Brownies. We experienced lots of push back and concern from many naysayers who said Brownies couldn't work in Australia. 


However, not long after starting at that Market we secured our first interstate order and began our offer of Brownie Delivery Sydney. Our early market research had established that Brownie Gift Boxes were totally new and not available anywhere in Australia. Dello Mano was to be the first brownie gift box and we soon offered Brownie delivery Sydney and not long after Brownie delivery Melbourne. 

Our philosophy based on celebrating the joy of handmade food coupled with our unique brownie recipe and the inclusion of Belgian Chocolate resulted in great demand for our Brownie gift. It wasn't long before our Brownies were being enjoyed by Movie Stars, Hollywood elite and even world leaders. 

World leaders enjoyed Dello Mano brownies as the official treat at the Brisbane G20. Dello Mano has accompanied a number of international government delegations across the world and presented to world leaders as representation of Australian handmade fine food.

So having gained awareness at these events as well as mentions in many international and tourism articles we began delivering brownies internationally. One client in Singapore would ring on a weekday and request brownie delivery expedited to Singapore for the very next day. Her goal was to provide brownies delivered from Australia to her guests for afternoon tea the very next day. 

My parents soon learned the art of logistics organising for brownie delivery international and at such short notice. Amazingly the parcel would arrive in Singapore, brownies to the customers door by 2 pm the next day. But not without some serious tracking and expediting at our end to ensure our customer was satisfied. 


More Brownie Delivery innovation

In 2014, following on the success of our Brownies, we  also pioneered Cake Delivery in Brisbane. We began with Brownie Cake Delivery and now we offer a full range of cakes for delivery in Brisbane. 

You can buy Dello Mano Cakesonline and organise Brisbane Cake delivery or call into our stores to pick up. 

Brownie Delivery to the world

Today, Dello Mano has grown. Brownie demand has also grown. We organise Brownie Delivery daily across Australia and to the world. In recent weeks we've organised intentional brownie delivery to far flung places like Hawaii and Malaysia. Last Christmas we delivered brownies to New York and Chicago for company directors to use as corporate gifts across those American states.  

Our Brownies are robust and travel well. They were developed from the beginning for brownie delivery. We wanted our Brownies  to travel far and wide and offer the world a taste of Australian quality food. Our goals were big from the start and we knew back then we had to develop a Brownie recipe that would allow the brownie delivery everywhere!

We know too from customer reports that our brownies have been everywhere from the base camp of Mt Everest, to the top of the Eiffel tower and as far away into the dessert of Afghanistan. 

Today customers can order online and we deliver brownies to Australia and the world. We also sell brownies direct at both of our Brisbane Brownie stores at New Farm and Brisbane CBD (Tattersalls Arcade). At either store you can organise the original brownie delivery anywhere and for any occasion.

So we are the brownie pioneers. Not only did Dello Mano pivot the humble Brownie from nil to where it is today but we also pioneered the brownie delivery concept over a decade ago. 

Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

Dello Mano is the Australian Brownie market leader. Created in 2006, we're a small family business dedicated to the joy of handmade Brownies. Our award winning business, created the first Brownie Gift Box and we pioneered Brownie Delivery. We own and operate the business with our family and a group of dedicated team members committed to our philosophy.  

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