June 18, 2016 3 min read

Brisbane’s own Dello Mano launches second store in the heart of CBD


  • After ten years of providing the highest quality Luxury Brownies and sweet treats, Dello Mano is opening its second store in Brisbane’s CBD
  • Dello Mano’s world famous brownies, cakes and coffee will be available at the new location in the iconic Tattersall’s Arcade
  • The family run Brisbane business is proud to have provided thousands of customers with their  Brownie Gift Boxes and luxury Cakes.


Brisbane, 10 June 2016 – To mark the tenth anniversary of Dello Mano, the well-known and loved family business, is launching its much anticipated second store in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.


Over the past decade the Brisbane institution has become synonymous with the finest quality brownies and cakes, famous for only using the highest calibre of ingredients and, as the translation of the name suggests[1], creating each masterpiece by hand.


 “We are so excited to be launching Dello Mano in the heart of Brisbane. Having started out ten years ago in our small kitchen it's amazing to see how far we have come with our brownies – not having changed the recipe since day one”, says Deborah Peralta, co-founder of Dello Mano. “Over the years our brownies and cakes have reached every corner of the world. We are ready and excited to start the next chapter in the Dello Mano journey.”


Since Dello Mano created Australia’s first luxury brownie gift box they have gone on to create a delectable variety of sweet treats from stunning cakes and tarts, luxurious fudge to truffles and chocolate.


“We introduced brownies to Brisbane ten years ago and we are proud to still be providing the same luxurious product today as well as having expanded our offering exponentially. The second premises will allow us to meet demand and continue to share our deep love of food with the public,” added Bien Peralta, the other half of Dello Mano entrepreneurial duo.


The new store will be open for business on 1st June 2016 in Brisbane’s iconic Tattersall’s Arcade, Shop 8b , Queen Street, 4000.


For our full range of products and services please visit www.dellomano.com.au or call us on 1300 661 682.


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 Notes to editors


About Dello Mano

  • Founded by Deborah and Bien Peralta in Brisbane, the creative duo pioneered the Australian brownie revolution back in 2006. Their fascination and commitment to the brownie were the driving force behind the pair eventually giving up their corporate day jobs and starting on the journey to what Dello Mano is today
  • Inspired by a trip to Rome, Deborah and Bien commenced operation with the ambition to create the best brownies, packed elegantly for customers to enjoy a slice of the Dello Mano love and passion
  • Since the Dello Mano brownie was born, the duo have gone on to build a range of beloved handmade products including large cakes, tarts, fudge and truffles


About the ingredients

  • Dello Mano’s artisinal luxury brownies are handmade from excellent quality ingredients;
    • Real chocolate: Dello Mano believe that brownies made with real chocolate, not cocoa, are superior. Thus, each and every brownie is made with Belgian chocolate in order to deliver the best flavour profile
    • Egg quality: From the very beginning Dello Mano have sourced free range eggs directly from the farmer. That is, the eggs are delivered directly from the farm to the kitchen
    • Fresh dairy: Artisinal brownies are made with the freshest dairy produce, including real butter and cream
    • No preservatives or additives: Dello Mano believe preservatives and additives should definitely be exempt from any brownie recipe


About the future

  • Deborah and Bien aim to continue to deliver the highest quality, hand made products to the people of Brisbane and endeavour to leave a smile on the face of every customer, new or existing, with a bite of their products


For all media enquiries please contact:


Bien Peralta


1300 – 661 – 682




Francesca Russo



[1] ‘Dello Mano’ translates to ‘by the hand’

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