October 24, 2022 4 min read

The giving season is officially upon us! It seems to come around a little faster every year - and as you start getting into Christmas mode, here are 7 reasons to shop Small Business for your gifts.

Small business owners Deb and Bien Peralta stand under their shop sign that says Dello Mano

Deb & Bien Peralta owners of Small Business Dello Mano

1. The quality of handmade products is unmatched

Handmade products, no matter the category, offer a unique experience. The thought, care and love that is funneled into your product before it even reaches the hands of the recipient is an incredibly special process. A process that signals a type of thoughtfulness that only a handmade gift can achieve. Often times, handmade products, like Dello Mano, are a reflection of the owner's themselves - their dedication, commitment and eye for quality will always shine through.

2. You'll be met with a more personal touch

The beauty of finding small businesses to support is that you can learn about the small business owner, their mission and values. You can gain a deeper understanding about who is making your product, why they're making it and the ethos behind the business.

Small businesses aren't run by boards, stakeholders or algorithms. Small businesses are run by people. The willingness of small business owners to share their story in the hopes of finding like minded customers who share their passions, is incredibly unique. It's this willingness that often means they will always go the extra mile, to add a personal touch and help their customers find the perfect, meaningful gift.  

3. Small business gifts always feel more personal (because they are)

There is a small business out there for everyone - that meets every gifting need and niche (we are absolutely certain of it). By researching and finding small businesses to support for your gifts, you're afforded greater personalisation and opportunity to tailor your gift to your recipient. The thought and consideration that goes into supporting a small business, aligning with their back story and sharing that with a loved one is a memorable gift indeed. 

4. Excellent customer service will be core to your experience

Small business owners value customers as if they are part of the family. While this might seem like it's an exaggeration... it's not. When small businesses are started by a family that's committed to creating a high quality handmade product, that same attitude and care filters down through every facet of the business. 

Have you ever noticed the difference between contacting a small and large business? Usually the small business owner will answer promptly, directly and with the goal to support their customers in whatever way they can. This often happens as and when your need for an answer is required, and often isn't limited to a 9-5 attitude.  Business owners tend to know their customers, offer shared loyalty and so generally go out of their way to give great customer service. 

Team members also tend to join small business because they want to feel part of something. They tend to know the products/services inside and out with heartfelt understanding of the business ethos, rather than a mantra prescribed by large organisations that employees are forced to recite. This type of care creates an authentic work environment, allowing team members to deliver a unique and empathetic service to customers

5. You're supporting innovation

During Covid we all experienced the narrowing of choices in our produce supply. As many small businesses closed during this time, consumers were at the mercy of large producers and corporations who decided what they wanted to supply and when. We need choice, and choice breeds innovation. 

Small business owners know that to survive, they must offer uniqueness to stand out from bigger corporations. By shopping small business, you are supporting innovation and the passion of the people who continue to bring it to us.  

6. You're giving back to local community

As local business owners, we benefit greatly from local community support and so in turn are more likely to support charities, schools and fundraising efforts in the area. The positive reciprocal cycle of giving back is a mutual benefit in the community. Small business builds community identity and local business owners are integral in shaping the fabric of a neighbourhood. People want to shop and gift where things really mean something and where people and community are valued. In an increasingly homogeneous world supporting small business supports continued diversity in products and thinking. 

7. At the end of the day, you're supporting our economy

Not to get too technical on you, but it is said that small business is the engine room of our economy. According to the ASBFEO ( Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman, 2020) report, small business accounts for about 98% of all businesses and are Australia's largest employer, employing over 4 million people. When buying from Small Business you are single-handedly helping to keep many Australians employed and the economy's engine ticking. 

This Christmas, think small business. Think about the passion of the owners. It's this passion that intrinsically comes with your gift. For you and your gift recipient there is the tangible and also the intangible component of your gift. The intangible is that feeling that something special has gone into the making of your gift.

So whether it be a personal Christmas gift or a corporate Christmas, gift your support of a small business can really make a difference. Sending a gift from small business is sending a little piece of a dream to your recipient.

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