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Dello Mano pioneered luxury brownies and brownie  gifts in Australia.  We enchant with our brownie gifts of elegant presentation and amazing brownie experience. Dello Mano is corrupted Italian meaning "of the hand". We're romanced by the humanity of hand made food. That romance 8 years later is a day to day Dello Mano obsession. We know that food creatively handmade in small batches contributes to making the best brownie and chocolate gifts. Buy our brownies and brownie gifts online - we ship nationally and internationally.

  Demonstrate your creativity and innovation-  Dello Mano is the Original Luxury Brownie; pioneering luxury brownie gifts in Australia

 Impress with your style and appreciation of quality

 Send a chocolate gift of the Best Brownie Experience and be thanked for years to come.

 Fast, easy ordering and full delivery of a chocolate gift anywhere in Australia

 Relax knowing that we have been trusted to deliver our quality for 8 years

Be assured everyone will love the very special luxury brownie experience



     What our Customers Say:

     When I had my first taste of a Dello Mano brownie, I knew I had found something very special.

    It was the most delicious brownie I have ever eaten! I immediately bought a few to takeaway
    to share with my partner, who shared the same thoughts. I recommend them to all of my friends
    and family. I also buy them as gifts often to share the joy! World's best brownies hands down!
    Ben Clancy
    Absolutely delicious brownies, welcoming atmosphere and exceptional customer service. There is nothing else like Dello Mano, what's not to love!
    Amy Gurling
    From start to finish the ordering / delivery service you provided was efficient, easy, warm and personal. The cake was delivered exactly as promised....and was beautiful and utterly delicious too! Thank you so much.
    ....and please feel free to use that testimonial anywhere you choose.
    Emma Jenkins
    Guaranteed you will always receive a delicious product made with love whilst receiving the best customer service in Brisbane.
    Nicole Alizzi
    I've been a fan for a long time. Love your story and your passion. .
    Michelle Day





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