January 19, 2022 3 min read

Diary 19 Jan 22


The sun was already warm this morning at 5am. Two French doors open out on to the terrace. We usually start our day with quick walk through the garden - a check of what's happened overnight. I'd like to say romantically that this means checking on buds blooming, new growth and so on however here in semi rural Brisbane it means checking if the Bush Turkeys have uprooted plants and especially check what our little Bandicoot has done overnight.

The turkeys make a huge mess throwing everything out of the garden beds. The Bandicoots take a little more care with their foraging. They dig in around the base of plant's stems or trunks looking for food. Most plants that have been ransacked by a Bandicoot survive particularly if we can re-cover their roots in the morning. Today the damage was minimal. Two Salvias uprooted but still intact and just needed to be pressed back into the ground. Despite the little amendments each morning, the garden remains a lovely respite from the stresses of business through Covid. 

This morning we enjoyed some native Hibiscus flower buds - they'll open fully today and be gone tomorrow. Important then to admire and enjoy at whatever stage our day catches them in bloom. Maybe a good metaphor or reminder as we go about other chores and tasks today.


Covid continues to disrupt our operations. We managed to open at Wintergarden today and we are trading also at the New Farm Cake shop. Thankfully online is up and open and our delivery services are all on track. Brownie delivery is available Australia wide. Cake delivery Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast available and open. Hampers delivered Australia wide.

We're keeping you updated with our trading on our website homepage, facebook, instagram. Please check in there or call us on 0498 002 468



In the kitchen today we're baking Hazelnut Mousse Torte. A great birthday cake or celebration cake not only because it is delicious but as a bonus it's also gluten free. If you're looking for a gluten free birthday cake this is a popular choice.

The cake base is made using ground hazelnuts so it's deliciously textural and moist. Our preferred method for gluten free cakes is to use a nut meal as we find products made with only the gluten free flour tend to dry up and don't deliver the taste we're looking for. 

We first roast and hull the hazelnuts, We grind them to a flour and bake the cake. Hazelnut mousse is filled between two layers and then drizzled with handmade Belgian Chocolate Ganache. A scattering on top of roasted hazelnuts makes for an attractive cake whilst also adding a lovely crunch to the cake. Each cake is finished with a Belgian Chocolate handmade lattice decoration. As usual we say you know a great quality cake when you can literally eat and enjoy the decorations!


This time two years ago, January 2020 we were in Rimini Italy. We were at the Sigep Artisan Bakery, Gelato and Coffee Exhibition. Said to be the largest of its kind in Europe, it did not disappoint. The creativity was electric. Everything from ice carving championships to the World Gelato competition. Talented Pastry Chefs from all over Europe compete in sugar sculptures, chocolate bonbon creations and pastries. 

Every hall has the sounds of teams cheering for competitors in one or other of the challenges. It's fun and at the same time all very serious. Everyone competing has put in so much preparation and frankly it's a nail biting tension watching the passion and determination. We went to the bar for a drink after watching the Sugar Sculpting competition. Young chefs making the most complicated sugar sculptures. They're so tall that they hover over the competitors and look like they weigh a ton. Still amazing to look at the sculptures and think it is just sugar!

Rimini at that time of the year is a little brisk. We were lucky to enjoy a very mild winter that year. Able to go out and walk at night, we enjoyed gelato in the Piazza and even celebrated the director Frederico Felini's 100th birthday with a community cake.

I see on their website it is only 52 days to this year's exhibition. It's been delayed this year due to Covid...maybe there is an opportunity? :)

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