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About Us : Dello Mano the Brownie Pioneers

Dello Mano is a small family business located in the heart of historic Brisbane, Queensland. Since 2006 we've been baking and delivering our bespoke Luxury Brownies across Australia. Our family-owned business is dedicated to sharing beautiful, handmade food with the world. And just like all the best truly handmade food, everything that comes out of our kitchen is infused with ours and our teams' love of food, our collective compassion for our customers, and sprinklings of our personal family life story.

 A collection of images of the Dello Mano Family Business including logo and the Peralta family

Dello Mano is a small family owned business established in Brisbane 2006. 

We are Deborah and Bien Peralta. We founded Dello Mano in 2006, an event that consummated years of hopes and dreams. In order to follow these dreams, we stepped away from our fast-paced office jobs with multinational food brands. Despite our corporate affiliations, we were longtime devotees of the Slow Food Movement, a group based in Italy that's devoted to preserving traditional gastronomy around the world. We longed to start a business that would allow us to create food according to the tenets of Slow Food: with hands-on care, respect, and love. The birth of our two daughters intensified this desire. The constant effort to provide them with wholesome, natural nutrition heightened our awareness of food and the decisions that surround it — and, of course, we wanted a lifestyle that would allow us to spend more time with them.

 The Peralta Dello Mano Family

On our way to our first Italian trip

It was a family trip to Italy that finally catalysed our entrepreneurial spirit. With our two little girls in tow, we ate our way from Turin to Rome. We started at the Slow Food Movement's Salone del Gusto, a massive exposition showcasing traditional food from every corner of the world, and zigzagged our way down the peninsula. Everywhere we looked, we were entranced and inspired by Italian reverence for food. Rather than being mere monetary transactions, interactions between food producer and customers were mutually respectful relationships, enforced with layers of trust and tradition. We were particularly struck by a seemingly everyday scene in a tiny Roman cured meat shop: the salumiere carefully sliced a measure of prosciutto, wrapped it in crisp white paper, and presented it like a lovingly-chosen gift to his customer. We wanted our own business to offer similarly personalised service and carefully-prepared food. The name Dello Mano, Italian for "of the hand," is an homage to the philosophy that underpins Italian cuisine, which emphasises high-quality ingredients and painstaking technique, all selected and made by hand.

 Dello Mano invented the Original Classic Luxury Brownie and Gift Box

Our first box of Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

We began our business with one product: our Luxury Classic Belgian Chocolate Brownie. The apparent simplicity of this brownie belies the months of development that went into it; before we were confident with our recipe, we subjected our friends and neighbors to countless rounds of trial and error. The Brownie at this time was not a mainstay in Australia. We wanted to innovate and create a Luxury Brownie.  So with the help of deliciously rich Belgian Chocolate and our Food Science experience.

In the earliest days of our business — after we finally settled on a recipe — we baked everything out of a shared local football club kitchen. We’d feed our small children and then pack them and all our baking equipment into the car. Once at the footy club kitchen we'd put the girls to sleep on a mattress in the foyer and we'd bake till the early hours of the morning.

Initially we sold online (yes we had a website in 2005!) and marketing was almost entirely through word of mouth. Those simple efforts proved sufficient; within a few months, we were invited to participate  at the Powerhouse Farmers Market, which was then the most prestigious market of its kind in Brisbane. Our daughters, then eight and ten, were more than happy to help run the stand in homemade uniforms and branded bandanas. The little stand we held every week at that farmers' market became the foundation for a decade of consistent growth.

 Peralta girls at the first Famers Market attended by Dello Mano

First days at the Farmers Market, New Farm

It was something of a gamble to start a business around brownies in 2006; at that time, the American confection was all but unknown in Australia. Our intensely chocolatey, unctuously rich version, made with real Belgian chocolate and farm-fresh eggs, ended up sparking something of a movement in Australia. Competitor brownie bakers began popping up like daisies across the country. As the trend continued to spread, the local food media began reporting on a so-called Brownie Revolution. Now you'd be hard-pressed to find a high-end bakery in Australia that doesn't offer at least one variety of brownie. Of course, we think Dello Mano's own are still the best. Our brownies have been enjoyed by such famous palates as Ashton Kutcher and Anne Hathaway, along with many thousands of connoisseurs from around Australia and the world. 

Deb and Bien Peralta owners of Dello Mano , a small Family Business store Wintergarden Brisbane

Deb & Bien Peralta now have a store at the Wintergarden, Brisbane

Today, we've expanded our offerings beyond our signature brownies to a full range of Luxury Cakes. This line of Luxury Cakes includes creative concoctions such as Raspberry & Passionfruit Torte, Chocolate Milkshake, and Brownie cakes like the Brownie Jewel Box.  Catering to all several of our cakes are offered in Gluten Free and Vegan forms. Dello Mano cakes look as good as they taste, making them an eye-catching centerpiece for special-occasion tables. If you prefer a smaller bite of decadence, we suggest our truffles and cookies, which are packed full of carefully-curated flavours including whiskey and Madisson mint. Of course, we haven't abandoned the sweet that brought us where we are today; our brownies now come in a wide range of creative varieties, from Classic to Peanut Butter to Raspberry Hazelnut Brownie.

 Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Flavours

Dello Mano uniquely presents Luxury Brownies as little foil wrapped parcels.

In addition to selling our treats online, we also have a retail store located at the Wintergarden in the Brisbane Queen St. Mall. At both of our locations, you can enjoy our baked goods against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful and significant real estate in Brisbane. 

 Dello Mano High Tea

Dello Mano Mini Cakes

Today we are supported by an amazing team of Dellomanonians, who share our dream to create beautiful handmade food in a wonderful team and happy team environment where creativity abounds and has no boundaries. From our chefs and bakers to our front of house team and beyond, such beautiful team energy now prevails and continues to fire the momentum of our dream – our dream to deliver beautiful handmade food.

 If you're in the area, we'd love to see you at the Wintergarden. Those who come from farther-flung places can enjoy Dello Mano brownies shipped right to their homes or friends homes.

We hope to someday share a slice of Dello Mano warmth and love with everyone in the world.


Dello Mano is a small family owned and operated business. Established in 2006 you can sample Brownies, buy Brownie Gift boxes and Luxury Cakes at the Wintergarden Brisbane Store. 

Dello Mano 

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