Chocolate Teacake

A perfect small chocolate Teacake for morning tea or a birthday cake ready for Brisbane Cake Delivery. A delicious Chocolate Mud Cake with Belgian Chocolate Ganache frosting lightly decorated with edible rose petals. A real chocolate treat, this luxury cake is perfect for satisfying all your chocolate cravings!  The cake keeps beautifully in the fridge for days and will allow you food gift receivers plenty of time to quietly enjoy the cake after the delivery day. Cake size is 13cm and serves 4.

This cake is made from fresh butter and is best left on the bench covered for 30 mins before enjoying it.  The cake is handmade using real butter and leaving on the bench allows the butter to relax the cake texture and flavour to its full potential.

Cake Delivery and Collection Information

Call your Personal Shopper Bien on 0498002468 if you have questions

Cake Care Tip:  For best enjoyment please remove mud cake from refrigerator 20 minutes before serving 

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