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Ground Coffee Beans - freshly roasted for delivery

Home delivery of Freshly Ground Coffee Beans is now available. At our Dello Mano stores, we take coffee very seriously. We understand you might not have a coffee grinder at home but are now working from home. With that in mind, we now offer our delicious blend of Dello Mano coffee so you can brew your own as you work from home. We cant offer all the barista conversation but we can offer you a little taste of Dello Mano as you work from home. 

Back when we were setting up we were keen to offer our clients a coffee that truly complemented our Dello Mano range of Belgian Chocolate brownies and other treats. We selected this Dello Mano blend as it offered the delicious combination of chocolate and caramel notes that so perfectly paired with our produce.

This offer is for blended coffee beans. We will receive your order and grind the beans just prior to your coffee bean home delivery. 

Coffee Beans Ground delivery

If you are working from home this order can be nicely paired with our artisan cookies or our famous Luxury Brownies. 

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