May 14, 2015 1 min read

Deborah & Mr Brownie - Brownie Pioneers

Dello Mano pioneered brownies in Australia with their Luxury Belgian Chocolate Brownies. This year the business and its owners Deborah & Bien Peralta celebrate their ten year brownie anniversary and what is a  love story.

Deborah and Mr Brownie, as Bien is affectionately known. started the seed of a brownie idea back in 2004. With backgrounds in food, and mesmerised by the Italian's culture of food sharing, they embarked on a journey that would catapult the humble brownie to a completely new level.

Working by day, at night Deborah would develop and hone the brownie recipe that would become the now well known Dello Mano brownies.

Married with 2 children, their brownie journey is a love story that spans from Melbourne to Brisbane. 

Read the brownie love story.



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